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05 May 2011

Mitigating risk of injury or death in a house fire goes beyond just installing smoke alarms.  A segment this morning on Breakfast with Adam Spencer on 702 ABC Sydney highlighted issues surrounding the different types of smoke alarms available for use in residential properties.

Adrian Butler, Chairman of the World Fire Safety Foundation, provided comments as to the WFSF’s concerns on the widespread use of ionisation alarms in residential properties stating that “they’re a flame detector - they don’t detect smoke.”  Butler also went on to comment on how fire and rescue authorities throughout Australia are recommending the use of photoelectric alarms over their cheaper alternative, ionisation smoke alarms.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are quicker at detecting slow, smouldering fires while ionisation alarms are triggered by combustion particles that come from fast-flaming fires that typically occur with the burning of paper or liquids.  In a house fire situation, it is critical to alert occupants as quick as smoke occurs - not to wait until naked flames are visible.

Smoke Alarms Australia adopted a policy early on to only use top quality photoelectric alarms in every property they service.  While the current version of AS3786 still has provisions for the use of both ionisation and photoelectric alarms in residential properties, SAA stands by their commitment to remain the responsible choice and not cut corners.  SAA is committed to assisting their clients manage their duty of care at the highest possible standards.

It is also important for landlords and property managers alike to understand that the type of smoke alarms installed is not the only issue at hand when it comes to protecting a tenant’s safety.  Smoke alarms must also be within their service dates, in the right locations, clear of debris and obstructions, and with an appropriate power source.  They must be tested regularly - not just by pushing the test button -  to ensure they will actually work in a fire.

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Listen to the segment here.

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