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09 Aug 2010

So far this winter, we’ve seen more than 500 house fires and now 9 fatalities in NSW alone.  It’s a frightening statistic, but one that will continue to rise say the experts, unless people start taking fire safety seriously. 

According to Stuart Redman, CEO of Sydney based Smoke Alarms Australia, who specialise in the installation and maintenance of residential smoke alarms, one in four residential alarms that they inspect are expired and/or faulty and would not have functioned in the event of a fire, potentially failing to wake the occupants.

Mr. Redman went on to say that it is astounding how many alarms have been tampered with by being painted over, moved, disabled and the like.

He also commented “There is a great misconception that all you need to do is change the battery to ensure your alarm is up to scratch, but the reality is that this alone is not sufficient to make certain your alarms are functioning properly and to know that they will actually do their job in the event of a fire.”

“At a minimum each year they need to be properly serviced by a technician who is trained in fire protection.  Smoke alarms are one of your biggest defences in case of fire and not servicing them is a risk simply not worth taking. Tragically, we lost four more lives to fire this weekend because occupants couldn’t get out of their homes in time.  I really hope the message is starting to get through and that people start taking fire protection seriously.”

Essential services such as fire protection are a little like insurance.  You hate to pay for it, but you pray you never need to use it.  It is a fact that most household fire fatalities occur when residents are sleeping because they are not woken in time.  All too often, this is because a smoke alarm didn’t function properly.

Do yourself, your family and friends a favour and have your alarms inspected.  You would never forgive yourself if someone was hurt, or worse, because a simple smoke alarm didn’t do its job in your property.

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