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27 Aug 2010

Smoke Alarms Australia has been providing support to property managers and landlords alike since our launch in 2005. In that time our services have been evolving by making investments in a dedicated call centre, our state-of-the-art Online Tracking System and in our fully trained and qualified service technicians.

Our approach makes managing smoke alarms easy, with no hidden charges, conditions or terms that cause confusion or friction with your landlords. Our pricing comes without hard to understand terms and conditions – it’s simple, $99.00 no more to pay.

We don’t think you or your landlords should be concerned about whether or not an alarm is expired, faulty, damaged, or painted over. You shouldn’t have to worry about the difference between a faulty alarm or one damaged by a tenant – whether the alarm is battery operated or hardwired. That is our job - we are the smoke alarm experts.

During our inspections, any alarm that has expired, is not functioning or needs to be added, will be replaced or installed at no additional charge. Only working smoke alarms save lives.

No one likes surprises, not you, not your landlords – so we commit not to give you any. There is no need to go back to your landlords for approval of additional charges or spend valuable time explaining what’s in what’s out to your landlords. You both have much more important things to do.

Our approach is simple. We will make the property compliant, protect your landlord’s investment and the lives of your tenants. We think you should enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your landlord’s asset is protected and that you don’t have to worry about hidden surprises. Our systems and our people make it easy, our all inclusive fee means Smoke Alarms Australia is the responsible choice.

$99 no more to pay

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