Smoke alarm safety: a reminder in 2019

The New Year brings new resolutions. No matter what the resolution, it is a chance for change. Smoke alarm safety isn’t always a front of mind concern so the new year creates a great opportunity to be reminded of the importance it has for you and your family.

Why is it important?

There is more to smoke alarm maintenance than just installation and battery replacement. They’re intricate devices and have components which need to be properly checked and maintained for maximum effectiveness. Having the right technical support takes that weight off your shoulders.




If you’re a landlord of a property, you hold a duty of care to your tenants to provide functioning smoke alarms. Correct tests and regular servicing keep your property and the tenants safe.


Different states have differing legislation which may affect the way in which alarms are installed and serviced. Understanding these laws and codes and any changes or amendments that may happen will keep your properties compliant.

Whatever New Year’s resolution you chase in 2019, make sure it starts with your property/s safety and compliance.

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