The Importance of Artificial Smoke Tests on smoke alarms


Smoke Alarms Australia has a team of trained technicians that have access to several tools and skillsets to keep your properties smoke alarms compliant. One of the devices you will see used in the servicing of your smoke alarms is a canister of artificial smoke. With all the processes to test a smoke alarm, people often question why the need for such a specialised testing tool?

The reason Smoke Alarms Australia’s technicians use artificial smoke on your property’s smoke alarms is for greater depth of testing. You see, simply changing a battery or pushing the test button on an alarm doesn’t provide a full sense of the condition your property’s smoke alarms are in. Using artificial smoke provides more comprehensive testing by forcing the alarm to react to smoke that simulates how real-life smoke enters an alarm.

This is important because simply deeming an alarm compliant by doing a battery change and push-button test doesn’t test the intricacies within the alarm. A technician can change the battery and see that the siren works, but things like the condition of the smoke chamber and sensor strength may go unnoticed. There could be dust or insect build-up or an electrical fault outside of the siren that will go unattended and continue to deteriorate the quality of the smoke alarms protecting your properties without you even knowing.

It is for this reason that Smoke Alarms Australia always endeavour to artificial smoke test your smoke alarms so you can have peace of mind knowing a quality service has taken place.

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