Smoke Alarms Australia goes live with Property Me secure integration

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Smoke Alarms Australia recently launched an updated Online Customer Portal (OCP) to assist property managers manage their portfolio. The portal has several new features such as being able to order collateral, check alarm statistics and load files for bulk changes the managed portfolio (see here). One exciting change is the introduction of a full secure B2B integration with Property Me.

The OCP uses industry leading synchronisation processes to integrate your property data easily and securely. This means that through a digital handshake, the OCP communicates through Property Me to update property details relevant to smoke alarm servicing across your property portfolio. Relevant details include tenant name and contact details, key numbers and property managers.

With the Property Me integration, syncing select property data into the OCP is as simple as 3 easy steps:

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Let us know that you use Property Me
SAA will add Property Me to a specialised field in the SAA ERP and advise when done

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Go into the OCP dashboard and select Property Me in the Properties drop down

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Click Sync now
This will take you to the Property Me login page. Simply login, select your portfolio to grant access

Your Property Me data will then sync with the SAA system matching properties to the service and updating changes in property details.

The benefits of syncing through the secure handshake include up to date property information on both systems, less properties in access difficulties and less manual work for property managers which gives back precious time. At SAA we understand that time is money which is why we have invested heavily in making your data secure, and as an agent, you need life to be simple.

Do you use Property Me or would you like to know more?