Does STRATA smoke alarm checks cover your smoke alarm liability?

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With STRATA companies undertaking annual fire safety checks, landlords often question the need for smoke alarm servicing within their properties. However, before jumping to the conclusion that your smoke alarm needs are addressed solely by STRATA, there are a few things you need to consider. 

                                                      Degree of responsibility

STRATA conduct Annual Fire Safety checks on properties. In most cases, these checks only test a sample of units annually, so not all properties receive a complete inspection. Those that are inspected, may not be comprehensively tested and compliance checks for smoke alarm quality, quantity, positioning and expiry date may not be completed. 

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Depth of inspection

STRATA management companies must comply with local council fire and safety regulations. This is done through Annual Fire Safety Statements generally regulating...

Smoke detection and fire suppression systems to apartments (common areas).


Emergency lights, lifts, exit signs, and warning and intercommunication systems.


Fire doors, control panels, dampers, hydrants, seals, hoses, and extinguishers.


Emergency evacuation plans.

Emergency lights, lifts, exit signs, and warning and intercommunication systems.

These checks may not properly address a landlord's full duty of care to their tenants for leased properties.

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                  Legislative Coverage

STRATA companies will often contract specialists to conduct and sign off checks upon completion. In most cases, specialists will not comply with individual dwellings with Residential Tenancy Regulation (2010), AS 3786, and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation (2006).


Smoke Alarms Australia,  is here to help, by providing a specialist smoke alarm servicing program that helps stakeholders manage responsibilities on property compliance. Smoke Alarms Australia test, install and maintain smoke alarms to various state legislations and national building codes.  

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