Automated invoicing with QR coding

Simplify your invoice payments with QR codes

Smoke Alarms Australia is proud to be continually leading the way in ensuring property managers have a simple yet comprehensive smoke alarm compliance service.

When it comes to invoicing, we have become increasingly aware of how time consuming the process can be, and are pleased to be part of the solution.

If you use REST and have fileSMART and Workflow Assist configured, we can automate your smoke alarm invoicing process at no extra cost.

It’s simple:

1. Send Smoke Alarms Australia a list of properties currently serviced with the matching property alpha codes.
2. Smoke Alarms Australia will generate a unique QR code for each property.
3. You're all set! Your software will automatically pre-fill all of the data entry details, and Smoke Alarms Australia will include the unique QR code for each invoice.

To get started contact Smoke Alarms Australia on 1300 125 276 or get in touch with your Account Manager.

If fileSMART and Workflow Assist have not yet been configured for you, simply contact the Rockend Training Department on 1300 657 700.