May 12, 2022

Get on Board & Save Time- Property Tree Integration is here!


This integration makes the management of smoke alarm compliance simple and pain-free.

Setting up is easy

Benefits of the integrated system include automatic tenant and property manager updates. As you change information on a property that is part of our program, the details will update in our system.

This will be a set-and-forget process, which should make managing your portfolio with us easier. it will be a significant benefit for servicing properties in access difficulties by keeping information required for booking up to date. Remember: we have worked with Property Tree to only sync information required for smoke alarm maintenance; you can be assured that the rest of your data remains secure and confidential.

You will still need to send us work orders for change of tenancy or lease renewals at this stage, or you can load the job directly to our portal. We are working closely with Property Tree on the ability for SAA to load documents like invoices and service reports back to your system.

Adding properties has never been easier

Simply click the subscribe button, validate the address, and press save. A new section will also show you what properties we have subscribed to with Smoke Alarms Australia that doesn't match your Property Tree sync. This means you will need to advise if they should stay or be removed as they may no longer be managed. This will save your team time by updating non-managed properties quickly and simply and reducing the risk of us servicing and charging for a property you no longer need service after.

New benefits

There are also some new added benefits that you will be able to see in the customer portal. There is a new tile on the homepage, your Property Tree waiting action, and an action centre on the sidebar. This will take you to a screen where you can add properties to the program, with the option to add later after you speak with your landlords or remove if you no longer manage them. (You will also be able to see this under your Property Tree drop-down section). If a property is added, a job is created straight away, so there is no need to send a work order for it. The property section will also have some statistics for you that break your portfolio down into what is subscribed, how much of your portfolio is uncovered and how many action items you have, at a single glance.

Secure data

We have invested heavily in making your data secure by working with Microsoft Azure Data Centres who have extensive layers of security to meet a set of international and industry-specific compliance standards. SAA undergoes penetration testing each year, assessed independently to ensure that the security measures in place protect your most valuable asset. Our team can provide you with a copy of our privacy statement for peace of mind.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to make sure everything is ready to go at our end, then activate Smoke Alarms Australia through the Partner Gateway tile within Property Tree. Your BDM can provide you with an instruction sheet on setting up integration if you need it.

To find out how to save time and increase your productivity through Property Tree integration, contact us your BDM, or our Agency Services team.

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