Your landlord or rental provider is responsible for ensuring you have appropriate, working and fully maintained smoke alarms in your rental property.

Smoke Alarms Australia is the leading provider of smoke alarms compliance services. We’ll work with you on behalf of your landlord or rental provider to complete any necessary inspections and upgrade or replace alarms if that’s required.

Our technicians and electricians are friendly and respectful, and will never leave your property without proper smoke alarm protection. If we need to come back for some reason, we will install smoke alarms temporarily to keep you and your loved ones safe.

When our technician arrives, you can be sure they are fully trained, have undertaken all necessary clearance checks, and can be easily recognised by their SAA uniform and branded service vehicles. They all also carry company ID.  Another reason to feel at ease.

As a tenant, when your rental property is registered with us you benefit by:

  • Appointment times (not time windows) so you can get on with your day.
  • Beeping alarm support 24x7, help when you need it
  • Access to our specialty Tenant App - next service due dates,  smoke alarm information, direct contact with us

Download our Tenant App

Schedule appointments, ask questions, report a beeping alarm or access details of the alarms at your rental property. Check with your managing agent to make sure you are registered to access our Tenant App.  You can see the technician when they are on the way to your scheduled appointment.

Ask your agent for a copy of the tenant brochure so you know what to expect when we come to service.

Licence - NSW 225414C, VIC 24374, ACT 2014903, QLD 73281, WA EC011144
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