Smoke alarm compliance is an important aspect of property management. At Smoke Alarms Australia, we make it easier for you to meet your duty of care to landlords and tenants. Our role is to work with you to help get the properties you manage compliant so you have peace of mind that your tenants are safe and your landlords are protected. 

Our service combines trained technicians and electricians, helpful scheduling staff, a dedicated customer service team and readily available sales consultants to deliver an easy to manage smoke alarm compliance program.  You can trust that our knowledge and years of experience means that we get compliance right.  We not only work to the Building Code of Australia, we also make sure that properties meet the compliance requirements across different states of Australia.

When your landlords sign on with SAA, we manage every step of the compliance process, from booking visits to completing inspections, undertaking any necessary upgrades, even dealing with beeping alarms allowing you to get back to business knowing we have it handled.  

When you choose SAA, you benefit by:
  • Auto-renewing subscriptions so you don't have to remember to let us know to service
  • Change of tenancy or lease renewals at your request
  • Your own consultant to help you manage the risk in your portfolio
  • Weekly and monthly reporting so you can easily track inspections and services
  • Direct tenant appointments – we take care of the whole process so you can get on with other things
  • Industry-leading tenant app, they can contact us directly with any questions
  • An easy-to-use portal that integrates with leading property management systems
  • Locally based, fully trained, company employed technicians
  • 24x7 beeping alarm support line so tenants come to us, not you
  • Specialist insurance that covers both workmanship and product
  • Electrical and Gas testing services in VIC, based on the requirements of Energy Safe Victoria
  • QLD 2022 property upgrades, with fixed flat pricing, giving landlords surety

Why choose SAA?

Our people, technology, data, processes, systems and our approach are the difference.

Knowledge and Experience makes SAA the Responsible Choice

What makes SAA different?


  • We care about what we do and the impact we have on people's lives
  • We respect your tenants and will be polite and professional
  • We are the industry leader, so you know you are getting the best
  • We follow the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and move alarms if they are in the wrong spot
  • We are members of the Fire Protection Association Australia
  • We are up to date with legislative requirements, and
  • We have real concerns about the number of properties that are not compliant

Integration - Why is it important?

Integration with popular property management software gives you the one thing you need the most - time.  No longer do you need to update property details manually, let the system do the work for you.  See at a glance the status of your portfolio in the Partner Portal.  Integration is secure and you can add properties quickly, simply and easily.  

Licence - NSW 225414C, VIC 24374, ACT 2014903, QLD 73281, WA EC011144
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