August 28, 2023

Servicing Your Property In NSW Through Lockdown Is Essential

Your safety during COVID is our primary concern, and if your property is due for its annual smoke alarm service, we wanted to assure you that we take every precaution while carrying out this essential service.

After conferring with Fair Trading, it is confirmed that smoke alarms are an essential service and under sections 58 and 64A of the Residential Tenancies Act. As a tenant, you are required to grant access to the property for these essential services. The NSW Public Health Orders also confirm this under Sector 4 - Public Safety and Administration, fire protection and safety. Read more.

Smoke Alarms Australia will book directly with you to make a convenient time; however, we need to enter the property to service the alarms. Our team will confirm if you have any COVID issues at your home, and our field force will follow a strict process when attending to each property. Our priority is to keep everyone safe.

We understand you may have concerns about allowing our service technicians into your property to conduct our service. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our COVID safe hygiene and work practices are industry-leading and are as follows:

Our Technicians:

  • wear a triple layer mask at all times when they are not in their vehicle
  • are provided sanitising wipes, alcohol hand sanitiser, and gloves. They are instructed to use these items before and after each job
  • will confirm with you before entering your property if there are any risks or concerns
  • are always required to maintain 2 metres distance when carrying out services
  • can on request sanitise any surfaces they come into contact with on each visit
  • are directed not to work if they experience any flu-like symptoms, to follow government health advice to isolate and get tested
  • we provide financial incentives for all our employees to complete their vaccination shots

We thank you in advance for allowing us to carry out this service. In most instances, it will take 10-20 minutes and ensure you have working early warning protection from the risk of a house fire.

As a tenant, you have exclusive access to our tenant application available on the Apple or Google Play stores. You can message us directly with enquiries, check on your next scheduled service, track when the technician is on the way to their service, or log beeping, faulty, or chirping alarm service requests.

Licence - NSW 225414C, VIC 24374, ACT 2014903, QLD 73281, WA EC011144
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