April 24, 2024

Dead Air Space and why it Matters to your Tenants

Dead air space is an area in which trapped air can prevent smoke from reaching a smoke alarm and setting off the alarm. Dead air space commonly occurs at the apex of cathedral ceilings, corner junctions of walls and ceilings, and between exposed floor joists.

Smoke Alarms Australia has completed more than 2.2 million service calls, and we find many alarms are not compliant because they are located in dead air space.

There is too much at stake if alarms are not placed in the correct position. It only takes one alarm in the wrong position to put an entire household at risk.

How do I know if the properties I manage have dead air space?

When you sign up with SAA, we will ensure all alarms are in working order, properly placed around the home, and serviced each year to meet the standards set by the Building Code of Australia and relevant state legislation.

Where we find an alarm in a position that does not comply with regulations, our technician will move the alarm to an appropriate spot and place a cover plate to cover the location of the original alarm. It is then the responsibility of the landlord to have the ceiling or wall repaired, painted, or patched.

Safety is our number one priority and continuing to educate landlords, and their tenants on proper smoke alarm placement and servicing regulations is our goal.

If you have properties on your roll that need smoke alarm servicing, get in touch by clicking the button below.

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