Landlord Services

We have Australia’s most comprehensive and simple smoke alarm compliance program. We aim to help you fulfill your obligations in the easiest way possible.
For an affordable fixed rate, we will ensure your properties are fully compliant with State and Federal legislation and your duty of care obligations are upheld.

From $99*
Per property per year

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Resources to deliver

For 97% of jobs, our technicians are at the property within 10 minutes of the agreed time.

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Experience you can trust

Since 2005, we have performed more than one million smoke alarm services across the country.

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Comprehensive alarm testing

After confirming the correct quantity and positioning of smoke alarms, all are tested using artificial smoke to ensure the alarm is operational in practice.

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All-inclusive annual subscription

One invoice per year includes unlimited servicing and free smoke alarms for all subscribers.

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24-hour beeping alarm support

On hand smoke alarm support available for subscribed property managers and tenants to use whenever needed.

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Fast query resolution

Experienced customer service team available 6 days a week to ensure fast turnaround of queries and requests.

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Committed workforce

Our dedicated customer service, bookings, account management and operations teams combine to deliver a seamless service for property managers, landlords and tenants.

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Keep up to date

As a smoke alarm compliance leader across the country we will keep you protected and informed with relevant news, legislation and insights as they occur.

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Alarms you can rely on

All our smoke alarms are CSIRO approved.

Our all-inclusive service means exactly that: no surprise invoices and no additional costs for your landlords.
Have peace of mind knowing your properties and tenants are safe

*$129 in WA which includes mandatory RCD safety switch testing