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Smoke Alarms Australia is excited to announce an upgrade to our Online Customer Portal (OCP). The upgrade to the OCP will make managing your portfolio even easier, with added features that will save you time and energy.

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Based on customer feedback, the portal will now provide a new interface, easy to read dashboard, clearer snapshots of outstanding actions, invoicing and service report downloads, timelines of existing jobs and portfolio statistics. As an agent, you will also have access to our industry-leading risk calculator and be able to download or order collateral like tenant and landlord brochures.

At SAA we understand that time is money which is why we have invested heavily in making your data secure by working with Microsoft Azure Data Centres who have extensive layers of security to meet a set of international and industry-specific compliance standards. SAA undergoes penetration testing each year, which is assessed independently to ensure that the security measures in place protect your most valuable asset.

As an agent, you need life to be simple. The added bonus to the OCP is the feature of seamless data integration. Simply, upload data in your desired format to our secure site and our system then matches the data to our ERP. This will save your agency time, using technology to keep all relevant details up to date. Information that can be updated includes new tenant details, properties no longer managed, or new properties that you wish to add from your portfolio. SAA is also working with property software companies to update through secure B2B integration. It is important to check with your current provider what security measures they have in place around data integration.

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These advances in partnership capabilities are at the forefront of the smoke alarm industry. You are in control of your data. The setup is simple, requiring only an authorisation to B2B handshake.

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